Richard Fullmer, Soldier
“I don't know how many lives your bandages have saved but I want to thank you for each one, especially mine.”
1LT Mike Nesbitt, PA-C Battalion, Physician Assistant, 1-9 FA Battlekings
“During the war the bandage performed spectacularly. Every medic in my unit had them in his aid bag.”
SFC Robert M Miller, Medical Plans, Requirements & Standardization
“All our Seal platoons will now deploy with your dressing!"
Carl Bernstein, HM1/ 18D / SEAL TEAM 7
“The Emergency Bandage is the official primary battle dressing for the 75th Ranger Regiment, United States Special Operations Command.”
Cpl. Peter Roehrig, Pasco Sheriff's Office
“Your bandage was a Godsend for me that night.”
William Madden, Medical Operations, 10th WMD CST
“Interesting just how quickly "non medical" personnel were able to use it properly."
Bob Scavelli, PA - C
“The Emergency Bandage is One of the greatest assets emergency personnel can have."
James Wood, NREMT-P, Arlington, Kansas
“The Israeli bandage was used to stop the bleeding from his head, which had a 3-inch laceration … Your products are indeed lifesaving. “
Ken N., Government Officer
“I was certainly thankful for both my Israeli Bandages.”
Michael Rodgers
“The attending physician credited your products with stopping the bleeding and saving my life. I carry your products in all of my vehicles...”
Joseph S., Police Officer, San Diego, California
“An officer on scene had an Emergency Bandage and we applied it with perfect results, they are the real deal and better than any dressing I've used in the field.”
Ron Wenzel, TC3 instructor
“Although there was a lot of bleeding, the patient made a full recovery.”
Matthew Jarvis, Police Sergeant
"I am a high-risk patrol tactics trainer. I strongly recommend that officers carry the Israeli Bandage with them for treating their own wounds and wounds of others.”
Scout On, Red Cross
“Our troop has one in first-aid kits — just in case.”